The State of Espírito Santo is the main stone producer and exporter in Brazil, securing hundreds of processing units with remarkle productivity.

The largest granite reserves in the country are located in the northwest region of the state, with a huge variety of colors and textures. See the video by clicking on the button below:

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Although Espírito Santo has the largest granite reserve in the world, a quality control system has not yet been agreed upon in order to standardize the production and other processes. How to define guidelines that ensure product quality uniformly throughout the territory?


The granite route attracts tourists and international buyers to the state.
According to Law No. 9,928, published in the Official Gazette of the State of Espírito Santo on 11/19/2012, Barra de São Francisco was granted the title of State Capital of Granite

+ 77%

Espírito Santo is responsible for more than 77% of the volume and value of ornamental stones exported by Brazil per year. The northwest region alone was responsible for R$700 million in 2015.

Source: Instituto Inovates

+ 90%

More than 90% of the investment of the Brazilian industrial park in the segment is made in the State

Source: Instituto Inovates


The “Capixaba” Granite is perceived and consumed in the international market as a luxury item. It is quite common to find it present in sophisticated and private environments for groups with high purchasing power

Capixaba ornamental stones, such as granite, are known for their unique and refined features, a design that originates from nature itself.

The State of Espírito Santo emerges as a great granite producer. Its production chain comprises several agents, which also makes an industry that employs several families, mainly in the northwest region of the state.

Our products are extracted from nature, and have unique characteristics of the region.

Production Chain View

The Block

Natural and Unique Quarrys

The Slab

Extraction and Treatment

The Refinement

Export and Coating


It is from the womb of Espirito Santo’s soil that the finest and most refined granite is born.

Carved over millions of years, it is in this land that minerals evolve slowly in unique traces, turning the stone into a notable shrine.

However, when it comes to our granite, a stone is never just a stone. It’s a basin. It"s the floor. It’s the house. It"s the Mansion. The Airport. The Hotel. The Mall. The Stadium. Even a Palace! A luxury!

The distinctive Beauty of Espirito Santo’s Northwestern Granites has been redesigning and transforming spaces around the world. From the United States to Japan. From France to South Africa. An exclusive signature of good taste and refinement.

Recognizing Espirito Santo as the protagonist of this incredible magic of nature is to allow more people to be privileged with pleasant environments and matchless esthetic fulfillment. Is to improve the quality of our soil, legitimizing it as a noble natural nursery, whose incessant capacity to produce wealth sets it apart from other locations.

Preserving the riches of this land will be our greatest legacy!

Associação Noroeste de Produtoras de Rochas Ornamentais